How I started My Business

Andy Jun started as a salesman for a Cabinet Refacing Company and he worked for them for duration of two years, only gets pay by commissions. During that time he realized customers were not provided with superior service and employees were not treated with respect. This was upsetting and was the moment when Andy decided to leave the company. Andy resigned from that company and all the employees asked Andy to open his own company so that they can all work for him. Three months later, ReNu Kitchen was formed and was excelling from the start in 2006. Andy had many opportunities to grow as a company by expanding to different cities, but he decided against this as he wanted to stay in Windsor and take time to care for his customers and provide them the best service possible by maintaining services in Windsor & Essex county area. Andy also was a Refacing contractor for SEARS, HOME DEPOT, HOME HARDWARE, BMR and others! The business has been very successful since its initial launch. 

“I and my team believe in providing excellent service and appreciate customer referrals. And you can guarantee we always give customers our 110 % effort”. My team and I will fulfill our promises! " SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT !!!

Benefits of cabinet refacing: No Cabinets need to be thrown out to the landfill, which makes it environme​ntally friendly. Your kitchen will look just like the new kitchen at a fraction $$$$ of a new kitchen. The RTF doors are water resistant, chemical resistant, and scratch resistant, they don’t contract or expand and are easy colour matching compared to wood stain or painted doors!

When refacing isn't an option: While refacing is cheaper and environmentally friendly, there are times when you really need a custom-built kitchen. We're equipped to handle that as well!


Andy Jun                          President                                                                                                                                     

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Granite & Quartz


Laminate colours

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Door Style

FIVE Piece Doors

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Laminate doors vs wood doors

How refacing is DONE

Cabinet Door Install Jig

Cabinet door install jig was created to make cabinet door installation simple and consistent.  Find out more and purchase at

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